Application form example

Looking for an application form example?
You want to start a specific education or profession, and want to write an application form to get invited for a job interview?
We will give you advice how to write this letter and build a resume for this purpose.

Are you looking for application form examples for jobs like a manager, builder, teacher, catering or as an administrative employee? You are hoping to increase your chances by writing the best possible application letter.
Well let’s start.

In this letter you indicate why you would like to start training or start at the employer, and what makes you a suitable candidate for the job. The schools and employers can not accept everyone and therefore always make a pre-selection before the job interview and interview conversations start at all. It is important to write an application form so that you are invited to the job or training of your dreams!

How to write an application letter also known as cover letter?
The correct structure is very important when you apply for a job.
First of all, the letter is a business card of yourself. It represents who you are.
Secondly, you want your letter to be noticed by the employer, it has to positive different then all the others.
And thirdly, you probably do not want to write an application form too often, but want to get that job as soon as possible.

In addition to the question “What do you put in a motivation letter” is the question “How does the structure of a motivation letter look like?” Very important. The correct structure ensures that a process takes place in the head of the reader so that they process the information you want at the right time.
In a good motivation letter, you briefly and succinctly explain why you are ambitioning this job and why you are the right person for this job. In addition, you give your positive points, your job experiences, and show that you meet job requirements.

In addition to what has to be in your cover letter and what has to be included in your resume, for a good application, the structure of a letter is also of great importance.
For example your letter has the correct length, there are no typing and language errors and the letter looks nice, your letter can be put aside because the structure is incorrect. Keep that in mind.
Therefore, keep the following order in structure:

• Perfect opening
• Introduction
• Why are you the designated person
• Skills and properties
• Closure with invitation

The opening sentence of a motivation letter, perfect opening

With the opening sentence, you can get to the attention of the reader.
Many people start with standard phrases like:

“Following your ad ….”, Or
“I hereby apply for the function of ….”, Or
“I’m interested in the vacancy of …. Which you offer. “

These kind of sentences tell the reader something they already know for a long time, because they have placed the ad.
And when you’re on a stack of many application letters and you’re one of the others, the reader automatically gets the feeling of
“Oh no not again, such a standard letter!”
That’s what makes your job application having less change. The one who applied with a catchy opening sentence will on the other hand “Shine”. More about this in the article “Successful opening sentences for a cover letter”.

Take the time to find a good opening sentence that matches the job you are applying for. With a good opening line, you will defeat at least three-quarters of your competitors and that makes sure your letter does not end up on the pile of rejections.


Your opening sentence is the first sentence of your introduction. In this introductory paragraph, briefly indicate why you apply for this job and what you are looking forward to.
Keep it short and try to limit your introduction up to 5 lines. Less is preferred.

Why are you the right person for the job?

After the briefly introduction, explain why you think to be the right person for this job. Of course, because you have the skills for this job, but also because you would like to be part of the team or that the company’s vision matches your vision. Stand out by telling in a personal way why this employer fits your interest and motivation.

This part is also mentioned as the argumentation. You indicate what you have to offer your potential employer. If necessary, you briefly describe something about your education, background and relevant job experiences. Keep it short and refer to your resume for more information. Mention in your argumentation only the really relevant matters. For example, if you have 20 years of working experience, the attention will not be on all your education anymore. And you do not need to say anything about activities that are not or less interesting for this job. Try to find out what the reader expects and wants to hear and know for this particular job.

Skills and properties

In your argumentation, your skills and working experience may also be mentioned. You can choose to place them in a separate paragraph. A skill is something different than experience. The right skills and experience are very important for a job. By putting them in a separate paragraph, you put a little more emphasis on it.
This part of the application form also addresses the requested personality. In most vacancy ads there are a number of personlality and skills expected of the candidate. In this part of the form you will confirm these.

If you do not have one or more of these requested skills or experience, that don’t have to be a reason for rejection. Of course, it’s wise to pay less attention to that typical lack of skill or experience in the motivation. You cal also decide to leave the requested skill, experience or personality away in the motivation.
Do not just copy the lines from the job ad, but process it in the words where you are telling something about yourself. For example: “By hiring me, you get an experienced team player, who is a quick learner, flexible, enthusiastic and independent. In addition, I know how to motivate others to get the best team results.”
In these sentences, you show that you are a team player, experienced, instructive, flexible, enthusiastic and independent and motivating others.

Closure with invitation

With previous sections, you have indicated why you are the right person for the job. It is a kind of business card that let you be invited for a job interview. If all went well, you’ve made your potential employer curious about who you are.
In a good motivation you have been able to show everything about yourself and the supplementary resume is the final step for that. You finally need a job interview to present yourself. But also to find out if there really is a click between you and employer.
Therefore, ensure a good closing of the letter, by inviting yourself for a job interview. Of course, you do not do that by insisting, but by making them more curious about you. An example of a good closing paragraph:
“This motivation letter is actually too short to give a complete picture of myself. Beside this, I have more to offer, I would like to talk about that in a job interview.”.


The most of the written job applications forms are standard.
You can choose to deviate from it. When it comes to a creative job, it can be very successful to show your creative side equally.
In most cases it works to stand out, the correct way. The structure of a cover letter is in most cases not the right one.
It is up to you to grab the right information per job application. Here you can be creative in order to get your potential employer more interested in you, so with the final goal that you are invited for a job interview.
Look at our example page, for an example.