Application form example internship

Internship application form example

You want to gain more experience and are looking for an internship. With an application form for an internship you can also indicate your learning goals. It is not about the real profession, but for an orientation. However, you need to give the employer the feeling that they do not work together with a totally inexperienced person, they must be able to trust you temporarily. The tone is between the letter for an education and the one for a job. You already know a lot and can be a good worker in the field, but also want to learn a lot in the time that the employer needs you.

Once you’ve found something that suits you, you will often be asked to send an application form with resume. You will only be able to start your internship after this motivation is approved. Therefore, it is important to take the writing of this form seriously .

Perhaps you’re not so much interested at all for an internship, but you have to go somewhere for an internship because of school. Then writing a good application form can be very difficult, as you are not really motivated.
However, you have chosen a specific internship for a reason, this internship fits you better than other internships. Therefore, you can write this motivation in the form. Look for the reason why this internship means more for you than other options, and you will still find a lot of reasons. Here are some important tips for writing the motivation for an internship.

Why this internship?

Start your application form with a personal story.
You have a reason to find this internship interesting. Perhaps you want to watch a few days in a nursery, and have a little niece you have a lot of fun with. Perhaps you are looking for an internship with a management function and you have always been the family’s manager. It’s good to start with a small personal anecdote that indicates where your interest in this area comes from.
By personalizing, you distinguish yourself from all application forms that start from scratch and the company starts learning to know you a little already.

Why you?

In addition for the employer to let them knowing you and why you are interested in the company, the company must also know what’s interesting for you. So, in your application form, state all the character details that you can put into action in the job.
Do you want to run an internship in a social environment and are you a very socially oriented person? Then write this in the second paragraph. Find at least three characteristics that will be useful in the work field. Examples of this are adaptability, optimism, enthusiasm, et cetera.

Do you already have relevant experience? That can be anything. Perhaps in your daily life you have to deal with situations that will show up in the work field. Perhaps a high grade for a particular subject will come in handy, have you had a relevant little job or just know a lot about a topic that might be useful. Write about any experience you already have, so the company knows they are in good hands with you.

What do you want to learn?

There is always al lot to learn at an internship. Therefore, you can indicate what you hope to learn during your internship. It is important to know your weaknesses. Do not be afraid that you will no longer be eligible if you say you would like to come over to learn something, it’s just an additional motivation. Things you might want to learn can be, for example:

  • How to deal with certain situations
  • The working method of someone with this profession
  • How a working day looks like from morning to night
  • What problems you come across at work
  • What do some subject terms mean?

Of course, the learning goals depend on the specific internship. Therefore, think carefully about what you would like to learn and tell this to the company. Do not mention this in a negative way, for example, at a nursery “I’m not good in dealing with the parents of children”. Instead, you can say, “I’m curious how to interact with the parents of the children, and would like to learn from these situations.”

Finish the form positive

After your personal motivation, the reason that you fit within the company and what you would like to learn during the internship, you have to write the final paragraph.
Make sure your final paragraph always has a positive tone. You can tell that you are looking forward to work with them and would like to hear if it is possible to start within the company. By ending with a positive note, you sound excited and optimistic.
This makes sure that the reader of your application form gets a positive feeling after reading your letter, and therefore will tend to pass you on to your internship!
Good luck!

The two files below, you can use these examples. They are in PDF and MS Word format: