Application form example training

You may use this application form example for your own letter for a training program.

Of course, it is better if you write your application form completely by yourself, because the reader may read multiple letters which look pretty the same as the example. However, you can always compare your letter with this one, to see if you have mentioned all relevant matters.

The sender and training data has been omitted, especially look for that info at the training ad.

Beginning of the example:

“Dear Sir / Madam,

I am very interested in Journalism and would like to follow this course.

At elementary school I started writing texts about what whas happening around me. English was then my favorite subject and I was always keen on the creative power of language. My interest in this subject has increased a lot since then, and I further developed myself in writing texts.
My friends, family and teachers have seen for years, that journalism suits me very well. Therefore, I would like to register for the next school year.

I think I’m a excellent student for this education, because I’m very curious and motivated, language sensitive and formal. Because I have little experience with interviewing, I can not wait any longer to learn more about it, and to really get started with writing trending texts. I am curious about the different parts of the final occupation, and how to develop myself the best way as a professional journalist.
Your education appeals to me because you deal with all aspects of journalism, both practical and theoretical. I would like to develop in both, the executive and the preparatory work and can not wait to get started with this education.

In the attachment I added a few texts written by me. I would like to hear if you agree that this training will fit. I certanly would like to come over and further explain my motivation.


End of the example.

Below you van use an example, it’s in PDF and MS Word format:


Success in writing your motivation letter training!