Job interview

After sending an application form, hopefully, a job interview!

Did you finally find your dream job? After you have improved your qualities for years and possibly followed a relevant study, you have finally encountered something that suits you well.

Now, of course, hoping that you can get a job interview after applying and be accepted for that job!

It all starts with the application form that you send when you show your interest. Because an employer can not take everyone, the impression you make in your application form is very important. Based on this, it will be determined whether you are a suitable candidate for the profession. When you have written an application form, you will be invited for a job interview. Therefore take a moment to write this letter.

Also, it may appear that you just need the money and that the job itself does not seem to be so interesting. Then it can be difficult to write a good application form. However, you can write and receive a good application form for this job. For additional inspiration, see “How to write an application form“, so you know where to start.

Here are some tips for writing a motivation letter.

Promote yourself

With an application form for a program or internship you can indicate your weaknesses and learning points, when applying for a job it is important that they understand your strong points. Therefore, an application form for a job is actually a kind of sales pitch. Draw up a few things of yourself.

– What are your positive characteristics that are relevant to this profession?
Consider for example assertiveness, human knowledge, social setting, collegial, entrepreneurial or practical. Make at least three positive features in your application form.

– Do you already have relevant experience?
Perhaps you worked with another company where you did similar work. Even getting high points for certain subjects may be relevant, or maybe you have a hobby that has something to do with your potential new job. Any experience you already have can help. Perhaps you have experienced things in daily life that gave you insights that are applicable to this profession.

Be excited

You want to make the company enthusiastic for you as an employee, but also show you are enthusiastic. This is important because the employer then feels that you would like to work motivated and with a positive attitude. Tell them what you are attracting to this particular company. Often, on companies websites there are texts in which they make clear what they find themselves their positive side. It’s smart to name these things, as they like portraying themselves.

You can also name it if you have already had positive experiences with this company, or know someone who has worked there (and not fired). A positive tone is very important here. You want to work specifically with this company, this is the very best company there is. Even if you write multiple application forms for different companies, you want to give each company the feeling that they are your priority. Only then will they make you a priority.

Be honest

You can always start your application form with an anecdote indicating why you are so interested in this business. Perhaps you were very helpful as a child. You always been have a social human, or you had a poster of something relevant in your room for years? Tell a personal story. This gives the reader the feeling that you are honest and open, and that they know you a little.

In addition to all the good features and reasons why you fit the company, it’s also good to describe one worse feature of yourself. The employer sees that you are not only a salesman but also want to give a realistic picture of yourself. Make sure this bad feature is not relevant to the profession. You do not want to write that you are lazy and maybe even late. Instead, you may mention that you are, for example, a little perfectionist, demanding or odd.

When mentioning your bad features, make sure that you also indicate how to handle this as best as possible. Perhaps you may take too much work load, causing you to get into stress, so your communication about your work is very important. Are you not so good at negotiating? Then tell that you are open to learning more about it, and that seems to be very interesting. Bad properties are ok, as long as you want to develop yourself. People without bad features do not exist.

Hopefully, these job interview tips will give you the right motivation to conduct a good conversation.
Success with applying!