Resume example

Below is a general resume example. You can use this example for own use, download this resume example and customize it. All specific information is omitted so that you can easily customize it. Of course, you can add more educations and work experiences than mentioned in the resume example. It is especially important that the information is relevant to your job application.

A good resume is of great importance for successfully applying for a job. Often a company first looks at at your resume and decides whether to read your motivation or cover letter.

Take advantage of the resume advice you find below. With these resume tips you make a good and clear resume, so that you are more likely will be invited for a job interview. An important tip is, that you should always be honest in your resume and in your application form. Do not try to cover things by saying things which are not correct. If the company finds out you’re telling lies, you will definitely be rejected. Or you’ll be in trouble later on when you are further in the applying process.

Be relevant for the job

Do not send the same resume with each new application. It is very important that your experience closely matches the company and the job you are applying for. Therefore, adjust your resume at every application, to make it as relevant as possible. Certainly if you are one of the many job applicants, you really need to be in the picture. So emphasize your relevant experience and education as much as possible.

Put the most recent experience at the top

In a resume it is common to use a so-called reverse chronology. This means, that you put your last experience on top and your previous jobs below. The same goes for the followed education. The last-mentioned education is at the top of your list. Mention when you were employed at what employer and what your job title was. It is useful to briefly explain what your job is, in such a wary that the one who reads your resume, immediately knows exactly what you have done.

Keep your resume short

Your resume is intended as a clear and concise overview of your work experience, education and other relevant information. Only list relevant matters and, if necessary, list them concretely and briefly. Detailed explanation can always be found in your motivation letter. In your job interview you also get the opportunity to further explain your experience. Make sure your resume looks well and neat. Bullets or attention dots help to make notes well readable. This way all information can be found easily and quickly.

What if you have less working experience

If you have little or no work experience, it may be difficult to fill your resume. Two resume tips are then to mention all the work experience you have. Mention also activities you have done during your education. Perhaps you have been in the board of a student association or sports club, for example, have been a treasurer of a committee or organized all kinds of activities. List all the jobs that you have had and try to think about what you have learned. That kinds of work experience may be relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, in many jobs, you need experience with customer contact and service.

Note spelling and grammar tips

It is very important that there are no language errors in your resume. Typo errors, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors are unusual and you are likely to be rejected immediately. This gives them the impression that you do not check your own work and that you maybe do not speak the language correctly. This is not attractive for a future employer. Always read your resume and motivation letter carefully or let it be checked by someone else. Your computers spelling check is still overlooked, so do not trust it blindly. Someone who reads your letter for the first time may also see other striking things you have not seen, such as an illogical order or missing information. So it’s always nice if a friend or family member can check your letter.

List good references

Having good references is a strong way to convince a new business of your qualities. If you know that your previous employer was satisfied with you, ask if you can refer him or her as a reference in your resume. It is not smart that referents who are not aware that they can be called, are called by a strange company. So call them first and also ask them what they would say about you. This will ensure a positive sketched picture of you.

We also have some resume structure tips available for you!

Provide a neat layout and resume template

As a rule, your resume preferably consists of one or two pages. Make sure the information is neatly aligned and easy to read.

Download resume example

Below you can download a resume example in pdf or MS Word format: