Successful opening sentences

Succesful opening sentences while applying for a job.
Your opening sentence can be the entrance for a new opportunity.

If you can take that score, you have already taken the biggest bump and are 2-0 ahead on those who start with a standard opening line. And that’s on average about three quarters of the people who apply. But what are now successful opening sentences for a cover letter?

First make a call

Always call the contact person mentioned in the vacancy, which gives you information that you can use in your motivation and you can use it in your opening sentence. After all, you immediately letting know that you’ve talked to the contact person and you really got into the job.

provocative successful sentences

Applying is seducing. You must seduce the reader to put your letter on top of the stack of people who are invited to a job interview. You have to put yourself in the shop window, you want you to be seen on from the right side and want to have the right exposure.
You want the people to know more about you. That they are going to invite you. That works if you have a good opening sentence. But that sentence must of course be true for you. Therefore, there is also no standard formula for the correct opening sentence. If so, it is standard again and you will not be able to been seen. You can use some techniques for this.

Get straight to the point

If you apply for a job similar to your’re current work and where you have the same experience with, you can use that as well to get straight to the point. You immediately confirm that you have the right experience. In addition, you can also use some other qualities of yourself in the opening line.
“As a team leader marketing, I coördinate a team of eleven people within ‘company name’. Over the past year, we have reached our target with our marketing team, which also increased our company revenue by almost 15%. “

This job will fit very well

With this technique, you instantly show your enthusiasm for the job and shows why you are the right person for the job vacancy.
“The function of xxx is a job I’ve been looking for over a long time. From childhood on I knew that I wanted to do that job and you now offer me this fantastic opportunity. “

The referral

Has someone posted you the vacancy, you can use this perfectly in your opening sentence. Certainly when this person is employed within the same company. Tipped by the own staff gives confidence. But the tip can also come from a business relationship for example.
“Your colleague [name] of the xxx department pointed me to this vacancy.”

Knowledge of details

When applying for a job, it is advisable to deepen your knowledge about this business. Visit the site and google the company for a while. But google also your contact person to which you write your motivation letter. You may come up with something special where you can score with.

Think about an upcoming jubilee, a company visit day, the arrival of a new director, a commissioned assignment, etc.
“The news about the assignment you have received … … already provoked my interest in your business. The vacant job now offers me the opportunity to become part of it. “


If you think all application letters are really read, you are wrong. Large companies that process many applications have often automated the application procedure. They check the letters than, for example, the words they have mentioned in the job requirements. If you expect a company will work this way, you can use these important keywords in your opening sentences. But be careful. It can also have a negative effect when they read the letters well and find that you are a spammer.


There is no standard for a successful opening sentences for when applying for a job. You will have to work creatively by yourself. In addition, you can use the aforementioned five techniques.
Success in finding the most successful opening sentences for a application form. Keep trying!